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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Watering Tips (Trees & Shrubs)

Focus on recently planted trees and shrubs: These can easily wilt or die without enough water and require more care than annuals, which have shallower root systems. Watering once or twice a week with 5-10 gallons per tree using a hose with a slow, steady trickle. Thoroughly saturating a recently planted medium-size tree should take about a half-hour. Because the ground is particularly dry during the summer, softening the soil first is necessary to ensure that the water reaches its target.

Use a hose, not a sprinkler: During the day, more than 50-percent of water from a sprinkler will evaporate before it hits the plants.

Water in the morning: That's when there is less light intensity and evaporation. Watering at night can incur bacterial or fungal problems due to the combination of water and darkness. Soaking the leaves of plants can cause similar problems, so it's important to only saturate the base. Battery-operated timers that attach to hoses are a great option for people who are often too busy to properly water.

Gator Bags: These plastic sacks can be filled with water and placed at the base of a tree, providing a slow and steady trickle. Another option is to use deep root feeders, syringe-like spikes that attach to a hose and send water directly to a plant's roots.