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Sunday, August 22, 2010

September "To-Do" Checklist:

With the weather change from summer to fall, September is the best time to repair and enhance your lawn, trees & shrubs.  Here is a "to-do" checklist below.

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Aeration breaks up your lawn's soil compaction
  • Fertilization: Lawns & plants require 16 nutrients for proper growth. Two Brothers can provide your lawn and plants a regional-specific fertilization mixture, OR we can perform a Soil/pH test (test results by NCSU College of Horticulture).  This test enables Two Brothers to provide your lawn & plants the specific nutrients they need.
  • Aeration & Over-Seeding: Aeration breaks up your lawn's root compaction to help moisture & fertilizer gain access to the root zone. In conjunction with Aeration, we over-seed to boost your lawn's growth potential during the Fall growing season. Aeration also reduces thatch, reduces water runoff and improves heat and drought tolerance.
  • Lawn Repair (Sod Propagation, Drainage & Grading): September is the perfect time to "re-do" your lawn/grass, correct drainage issues, re-grade problem run-off areas, replace or redesign runoff drains. If you're considering re-doing your grass, call Two Brothers Landscaping TODAY to lock-in the best prices per-pallet and installation.
  • Sod arrives in pallets
  • Weed, Pest & Disease Control: Two Brothers Landscaping is licensed & certified for weed & pesticide application.  We participate in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), and promote the use of organic chemicals.  We spray for all weed types (broadleaf, rush, sedge, or weed grasses).  Take advantage of the Fall season to correct any issues that have cropped up thus far this year.